With You, I'm Safe..

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Who are your best friends online?

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Amanda “platinumdreamer” Meg “meglovesmiranda” Kristin “iheartblakeshelton” Lama “your hands are cold” yeha basically people I talk to all day everyday ahhaha

Blake has put on a few pounds but he is still a cutie. The media NEVER talks about men and their weight. Actually people were saying that Aldean was a little bigger to that went to the concert in Ohio. Anyway I'm just saying this b/c as we know it would have been magazine covers and internet articles everywhere had they been women. It is hard to a gal in the business.

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Couldn’t agree with you more


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Random shelbert moment of the day!…

I really like this video because it just looks like they’re trying to mess each other up the whole time… Miranda keeps mouthing the wrong words (like changing green eyes to blue eyes and I’m really not sure what she’s mouthing while Blake is singing “you’re the reason God made Oklahoma” in the beginning but I think it has something to do with Texas), Blake is just being a dork and smiling at everything Miranda does, and Miranda even messes up the lyrics either because she’s flustered by Blake’s cuteness or it’s some kind of inside joke. Plus the hug at the end is just the most adorable thing ever. The way he grabs her hair is just… ugh.

Anyways, I just really like this video! Plus… It’s their song! I mean, as a shelbert fan you gotta love this song ;)

…This has been country-wannabe with your random shelbert moment of the day!

i was having a moment with this video the other day too :) i think she was trying to tell him “your the reason god made lindale texas” :) 

Have you figured out your conputer yet? I was really looking forward to you updating I miss your writing :)

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it was actually sent off to see what was going on with it today, so if it all goes good hopefully within the next few days :) and thanks so much!

Blake's team put his album on super sale at $5.99 on iTunes so he robbed Miranda of another week at #1. That is just weak, really Warner Brothers? Miranda will not care but I think that was a shitty thing to do!

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i don’t think they intended to do that purposely but im sure that we shouldnt have to worry about it in the next weeks to come

Way to stick it to the anon. So much respect for you girl!

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hey you thanks so much! just cant stand people talking negative but someone i admire


Oh Blake… He’s an idiot.

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