nothingbutshelbert said: You are amazing!! Love and miss you hun!!

Awwww thanks so much! Don’t want extra tickets to go to waste miss you too!!


Blake’s got jokes!

Miranda Lambert Taking Annual Cause for the Paws Event to Las Vegas Friday



And Blake’s momma unveiled the new street sign. Blake Shelton Blvd, its officially up !

Anonymous said: i thought making plans was the song at their wedding?? what was the song blake mentioned on the voice??

Miranda and her father walked down the isle to Ashley Monroe singin’ Miranda’s song “Makin’ Plans.” Brandi Carlile said that she sang the parents down the isle to her song “The Story.”


Anonymous said: The shelbert family is like my second family

I couldn’t agree more honestly

Anonymous said: You're so nice and your blog is perfect

Awww stop!! Thank you ANON and that means a lot! Thanks for coming here

Ada Oklahoma - Blake Shelton
written by Blake Shelton & Michael Kosser

Anonymous said: by the last message I mean do you have friend ones like Miranda and Ashley or them with another artist not so much as a couple but as friends.

What do you mean? Lol

"Once at a summer cookout in the neighborhood as a kid, I had a frog in one hand and my drink in the other hand. I wanted to switch hands and so I put the frog in my mouth and closed it and switched hands with my drink and got the frog back out."

—Blake Shelton (via blakesheltondaily)