With you, I'm Safe
Dedicated to Country Music's Hottest & Most Adorable Couple Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert also known as the"Sheltons" To me the Greatest Couple there will EVER be!!!

I love this thanks zihanong for posting on twitter!

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So many Ran mentions by Blake tonight… I’m loving it<3 and he keeps saying “my wife” awwwwwwww 

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its not ridiculous? she loves them and supports them.


Thank you!! Lol

did blake or miranda ever talk about the 1st time they heard "over you" was #1?


Like where they were at and their reactions no? But they have talked about how it felt them having the number one song

that's ridiculus...you know where EVERYTHING is for them.


Whaaaat? Lol

h t t p : / / b l o g . g a c t v . c o m / b l o g/ 2 0 0 9/ 0 8 / 1 0 / a r e - b l a k e - s h e l t o n - m i r a n d a - l a m b e r t - m a r r i e d / do you have the link to the video-from that picture? i've looked everywhere, but you would probably know where to find it.




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do you know where cassadee pope was on sunday because i was sitting in this restaurant and there was this girl i SWEAR was her. like the side outline of her face was just like cassadees. she was wearin a long sleeve shirt so i couldn't if it was a tattoo or not. but please, if you know, tell me where she was.


She was actually at an all time low concert in Anaheim California Ryan her boyfriends band

even if the unimaginable did happen and blake and miranda got divorced, would you still keep your blog?


Don’t talk like that here lol but hell yes I would!!!

Again just goes to show how the internet just posts and doesn't fact check. Miranda talked about how she has been taking a break. She is now starting to get ready to promote new CD and shows. Got great reviews from Country Thunder. :)


Yes! Like Miranda always says “don’t believe everything you read” and that’s an example! Ahhhh I know nothing less than expected from the queen herself :)

Do u have the video of the last gif of the miranda interview at the Acms u reposted?


I don’t let’s find it come back to me in a little I’ll get it!

I'm confused. I just read new articles (though I don't know if they're reliable) about Miranda taking a break from touring. I thought she's already taking a break now and she's ready to tour again?


She’s been on a break since December and has continued to be this year! But her album is dropping in June and she’s gonna be back and touring ! Country thunder on was a show she had booked one night!