81/100 - Photos of Blake Shelton

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Anonymous said: How is Blake's new single doing? I'm so afraid he's not popular anymore! :( He still is, right? I want to see him make music the rest of his life and be bad ass even when he's seventy like Johnny Cash. (And he already has his June, of course. I really do see a lot of them in Blake and Ran.)

If you look at iTunes not so good but otherwise people are liking it and saying it should and I say will go number one!! And Blake’s bringing country back he ain’t going no where !!! I love Johnny cash as an artist and I can see similarities with Johnny and June and Blake and Miranda but then there are differences that set them apart from any another ;)

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"My last couple of albums have been so positive, because when I made them I was just getting married. It’s been in this awesome place. But after a while, as a country singer, I gotta get back to singing about getting drunk because there’s people out there — and I’ve been one of them — that have had their heart broken, or they’ve had a tough day at work, or they get stabbed in the back."

Blake Shelton (On Bringing Back The Sunshine) (Rolling Stone)

"It’s the only way to be a little more political about where we are in country music, and I’m as guilty of it as anybody. We’re pushing boundaries… and pushing ‘em and pushing ‘em. And to me, with that title, it’s like I’m bringing back some country into this thing."

Blake Shelton (On Bringing Back The Sunshine and bringing back the country) (Rolling Stone)
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Blake Shelton Set for "The Tonight Show"

"The whole album is searching for parts of me that I think have… not gotten lost along the way, but stuff that I haven’t addressed in my music as much as I used to, whether it’s drinking songs, heartbreak songs or songs about how people treat you. Things like that."

Blake Shelton (On Bringing Back The Sunshine) (Rolling Stone)